David Attenborough revealed he cried over latest 'Dynasties' episode and ALL the feels 4 years ago

David Attenborough revealed he cried over latest 'Dynasties' episode and ALL the feels

We just want to hug him.

David Attenborough's latest series, Dynasties has been another big hit so far. In particular, last week's episode made headlines when crew members took the highly unusual decision to intervene in a situation when filming Emperor Penguins and their chicks in Antartica.


The birds, all carrying chicks on their feet, had fallen over the edge of a ravine in a white-out and faced starving to death with their young or abandoning them.

In an attempt to help the penguins escape, the crew built a ramp out of the snow and the penguins used it to make their exit. Thankfully, the animals seized the opportunity and made it to safety.


It was a really poignant moment on screen, watching the animals survive as a result of the crew's intervention and apparently we weren't the only ones tearing up on the sofa.

The Examiner has reported that Sir David became emotional watching last Sunday night's episode:

"I've never cried while filming, but I suppose I cry more easily nowadays. Well, tears don’t pour down my cheeks, but I blinked hard on November 11."



The ninety-two-year-old said that while you have to be very careful of intervening in the animal kingdom, he approved of the crew's decision to do so in that particular instance.

We can't wait for next Sunday's episode which will centre on a pride of lions. It airs on BBC One at 8pm.