David Attenborough's crew saved baby penguins when filming latest doc 1 year ago

David Attenborough's crew saved baby penguins when filming latest doc

It is highly unusual for crew members to intervene in the animal kingdom.

Sir David Attenborough's new hit series continued last night with the second instalment of Dynasties.

The programme follows five endangered animal families in their plight to take whatever measures necessary to stay alive.

The first episode looked at chimpanzees on the edge of the Sahara in Senegal and last night we were afforded an insight into the lives of the Emperor penguins in Antarctica and their struggles against the harsh elements.

The episode included a very cute moment in which two penguins practised their parenting skills by keeping a snowball warm in preparation for when they have a real egg.

But the most amazing moment of the episode was when crew members took the very unusual decision to intervene in an attempt to save some animals.

The birds, all carrying chicks on their feet, had fallen over the edge of a ravine in a white-out and faced starving to death with their young or abandoning them.

In an attempt to help the birds escape, the crew built a ramp out of the snow and the penguins used it to make their exit.

The BBC has reported that Mike Gunton, the series executive producer revealed it was a decision David Attenborough would also have made had he been on location:

"I was speaking to David about it yesterday and he said he would have done the same too."

Gunton continued that 99.9 percent of the time, the crew would never intervene, but that this was an exceptional case:

"There were no animals going to suffer by intervening. It wasn't dangerous. You weren't touching the animals and it was just felt by doing this... they had the opportunity to not have to keep slipping down the slope."

And people were overjoyed by the act of kindness.

Just a little bit of good news to get you through Monday.

Dynasties continues this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.