Eagles Of Death Metal Recall The Terrifying Experience Of Being Inside The Bataclan Theatre 6 years ago

Eagles Of Death Metal Recall The Terrifying Experience Of Being Inside The Bataclan Theatre

On November 13th, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks wreaked havoc  on the streets of Paris.

Amongst the targets was a the Bataclan concert hall, where more than 80 music fans were killed on the night.


Now members of Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing on the night, have opened up in a short clip about their experience.

In a feature-length interview with Vice, lead singer Jesse Hughes appears quite distraught as he explained how the events unfolded.

In a poignant tribute to some who were killed on the night, Jesse says:

“So many people were killed, because so many wouldn’t leave their friends.”

Bassist Matt McJunkins added that the band were on stage when they realised gunmen had opened fire.

Eagles Of Death Metal Recall Their Experience Inside The Bataclan Theatre

Fleeing the stage to hide out in their dressing room, he explains:


“There was a woman in front of me. It was scary because she was bleeding… she got shot… on her upper thigh, and there was nothing to do. There was this guy who was holding her and keeping pressure on her, and she had a friend who was doing the same thing… Her blood was running out on the ground, and there was a leak for some reason, but the whole room was starting to get flooded. And we were worried because water was—it was up to [our ankles], covering our shoes. It started trickling down the stairs, and then we were worried that maybe it would alert someone that there were people in this room.”

Mc Junkins spoke about how the gunfire would last for 10-15 minutes, but just as people started to feel a sense of relief that it was over, the crackling noises would start again.

Hughes described the sense of panic that everyone felt, saying that upon finally escaping the theatre, the public were stood still – in shock and not knowing what to do.

Knowing the gunmen were still inside the building he started shouting:

“We headed out, and I noticed immediately that everyone was pouring around from the side, and nobody was coming out of our exit, and they were just standing there. We were like, ‘Move! Move!’ I think Julian [the drummer] noticed the same thing. People just didn’t seem to know what to do.”


The incredible recount of the night’s events was captured in a half hour interview.

The terrifying reality is that these attacks happened less than two weeks ago.

Video: VICE