Finally, the Chip Cup purses have landed in Penneys 1 year ago

Finally, the Chip Cup purses have landed in Penneys

This is not a drill!

Penneys have finally got the highly sought after Chip Cup purses. They landed in select Irish stores this morning and will only set you back €6.

Sure that's a coffee and a muffin in some places. It's totally worth it. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

The purses caused major drama in the UK, when they were released earlier this year, with people selling them on Ebay for 10 times the price. They were like gold dust.

And now, we have the chance to get our hands on them.


However, before you rush out to your nearest Penneys, some have already sold out. There are none left in the following Dublin stores; Mary St, O'Connell Street, Liffey Valley and Dundrum.

Mary St got a delivery of 300, and were only selling two per customer but still sold out in a few hours.

Let us know if you manage to get one.

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