Woman opens a rare 'flawed' can of Diet Coke worth OVER €15,000 3 years ago

Woman opens a rare 'flawed' can of Diet Coke worth OVER €15,000

Do you have one?

Imagine the feeling of losing €15,000 in an instant...


That is exactly what happened to Dani Andres when she recently opened an extremely rare, flawed can of coke.

A few months back, the mum, who lives in Bristol, filmed herself opening a can of Diet Coke that she got as part of a multipack.

The can in question came as the result of a factory that means that there was literally no Diet Coke in the can.

And oddly, these cans are worth CASH, as long as they're unopened.


Dani tweeted coke, saying: "I swear I'm not some kind of magician but please can someone with skills in sorcery save my Diet Coke Break."

She also attached the video of her opening it, in what was essentially throwing thousands down the drain.



A spokesperson for Coke said: "We work hard to ensure our drinks reach consumers in perfect condition."

"We haven't been contacted by the consumer but would be happy to investigate this further if she gets in touch with us."

A little gawk online shows that some unopened empty cans are selling for up to $19,000.


We'd freak.