Food For Thought: A Short History of Prosecco 9 years ago

Food For Thought: A Short History of Prosecco

We need food and drink to survive, to nourish us and to keep us in tip-top shape. But did you ever wonder about the history behind certain foods and drinks?

This week we’re bringing you the history behind the glass of bubbly Prosecco.


The origin of the drink actually dates as far back as Roman times, where they used the Glera grape that grew near the village of Prosecco – it was then known as Puccino.

Prosecco sits on the hills above Trieste in Italy and during the 18th century the cultivation of the delicious Glera grapes expanded over the hills and into neighbouring towns and villages.

The word "Prosecco" first appeared in 1754 and in the book "Il roccolo Ditirambo by Aureliano Acanti, who wrote: “And now I would like to wet my mouth with that Prosecco with its apple bouquet”.

From the 20th century, it was the production of Prosecco in Veneto and Friuli that created the drink of bubbly that we all know today which was spurred by the introduction of new fermentation technologies.


Up until 2008, vintage Prosecco was protected as a DOC (Controlled designation of origin) in Italy but in 2009 it was upgraded to DOCG (controlled designation of origin guaranteed).

According to Discover Prosecco Wine, today there are 8159 wine estates, 269 sparkling wine producers and around 200 million bottles produced.

Here's to the glass of bubbly!