Food for Thought: A Short History of the KitKat 9 years ago

Food for Thought: A Short History of the KitKat

We need food and drink to survive, to nourish us and to keep us in tip-top shape. But did you ever wonder about the history behind certain foods?

This week we’re bringing you the history behind the KitKat.


The origin of the KitKat dates back to 1935 when the four-finger wafer crisp chocolate bar was launched in London.

Back then, it wasn’t known as the KitKat but “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp”. It was renamed to "KitKat Chocolate Crisp" two years later - Rowntree’s dropped the “Chocolate Crisp” after the World War II.

The flavour for the product was also changed during those years due to food shortages, which resulted in alterations in the recipe and took on a blue wrapping.

After the war it took back its original milk-based recipe and red packaging.


Though it’s not entirely sure where the actual name came from, the use of the world “Kit Cat” or “Kit Kat” for food, is said to be dated back to the 18th century, where at the time, mutton pies known as Kit-Kats were served at the Kit-Cat Club in London.

KitKats became Rowntree's leading product within two years of its launch and has remained a top product in the Rowntree’s family ever since.



Image via Wikimedia Commons