Game Review: The Last of Us – Left Behind 8 years ago

Game Review: The Last of Us – Left Behind

Despite the mad obsession that people have with zombie and apocalyptic games over the past few years, The Last of Us proved that there are still variations out there that are worthwhile and have superb gameplay.

Topping many “game of the year” lists across the media, the game managed to find a perfect balance between “let’s go kill all of these zombies” and quiet, poignant moments between its lead characters.


In the end, the incredibly tense and low-key drama was what made the game a classic.

Left Behind, is a new story downloadable (DLC) for The Last of Us, which takes a step back into the shoes of Ellie, with a glimpse into moments before she met Joel.

The DLC is a prequel to the main events of the action-drama game but still is set in an apocalyptic world where infected are rampant. The new story introduces Ellie’s friend Riley who wants to join the resistance crew the Fireflies, but wants to have one last night of fun with her best friend.

The game flits back and forth between flashback scenes with Ellie and Riley and later on in The Last of Us sequences with Joel from the winter section of the game.


Though there’s plenty of stealth and action, the best moments come with the interaction between the two girls and their honest and often funny conversations.


The calm moments in Left Behind which are sprinkled with humour of times gone by, is what makes this DLC one of the best in the industry today. It’s unexpected and surprisingly wonderful.

The graphics, like the main game are stunning and there’s plenty to explore and look to keep you on your toes. It’s about two and a half hours of gameplay but it's well spent and jam-packed with tender moments and sadness.


Ultimately, it's a brilliant short study in friendship.

Left Behind is available on the PlayStation 3 and requires the original The Last of Us to play.