Waxing expert reveals the best way to remove hair from down there without hurting your vajayjay 6 years ago

Waxing expert reveals the best way to remove hair from down there without hurting your vajayjay

When it comes to lady landscaping, there is no one-size-fits-all.

While some prefer a fuller bush, others like to go completely bare, and then there's the matter of shaving, waxing or hair removal creams.


While it is a complete myth that removing your pubic hair has health benefits, if you prefer it that way then more power to you.

Shaving is probably the most convenient of the three options and therefore a go-to for many women.

However, there are negatives to this route, and they include ingrown hairs, red rashes and nicks, not to mention stubble.

We still don't want to give up on this handy hair removal method, though, and thanks to Jodi Shays, a waxing expert in speaking to Refinery 29, we can know how to shave down under with a little more precision and know-how.


Trim your pubic hair first

This means you're working with less, and will also prolong the life of your razor. You can also see what you're doing a lot better, particularly if you are getting artistic. Jodi says

"Just make sure you're pulling the skin taut while you trim... It's less messy if you sit on the toilet while you do this."

Wash your vagina to prevent any infections


Hopping in the shower after a quick trim and using anti-bacterial wash on the outside of your nether regions will guarantee that if you do get a nick of the razor, it won't get infected.

N.B. - Only the outside ladies, no soap should go inside the vagina as it will mess up your beautiful pH balance.

Swap shaving cream for aloe vera, or shave oil

Shaving cream works well, but you can achieve the same results with some shower gel or even hair conditioner - however these tend to be harsh on your ladybits whereas Aloe Vera gel will soothe as well as lubricate the area for shaving.


It's also antibacterial.

Use a brand new razor every time

In this case, disposable really is best. Nothing works better than a brand new razor, particularly around the bikini line where hair is more coarse. You'd be surprised at how quickly they lose their sharpness.

Shave in the direction your hair grows

This really gives the middle finger to ingrown hairs and razor burn. Shay says it feels counterintuitive, but it really works.


"You want to make sure you're shaving in the direction of your hair growth."

Also, make sure to pull the skin with one hand so it's taut and easier for the other hand to shave.

Working slowly and in smaller sections is also advised - this is your vagina we're talking about! Rome wasn't built in a day after all...

Don't shave your butt

While you're going razor happy on your vagina, don't get confident and go straight for your bum. Shay recommends leaving to the professionals

"The skin is so puckered that it's easy to nick and cut down there

...And that's an area of your body where it's so easy for bacteria to get in that it's not worth the headache."

And there you have it, perfectly groomed lady bits and no sad vagina.