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'I Would Have Broken Both Your Legs' - Tubridy Loses Cool With Caller On 2FM Show
The presenter became emotional while discussing domestic violence on the show.

He's noted for his laid-back manner but presenter Ryan Tubridy launched into a shocking on-air outburst this morning while interviewing a caller on domestic violence.

During his 2FM show, Tubridy received a call from a man who admitted he had been convicted for domestic violence, revealing that he had habitually beaten his wife and was only convicted after he assaulted her to "a point where she thought she had a broken bone, and she went to the hospital".

“Once she went to the hospital with the bruising showing by that point, they X-rayed her for a broken bone and that’s when the police were called into the matter," said the man, only known as Chris.

Tubridy, a known campaigner against domestic violence, became increasingly emotional throughout the interview, questioning how a seemingly "intelligent articulate" man could continue to attack a woman "bent down, cowering in the kitchen, saying ‘please stop doing this to me?".

While the caller went on to discuss the psychological motivations behind his behaviour, the presenter hit back at him for suggesting there was a "moral get out of jail free card" for such violence and appeared to be struggling to restrain himself, before giving a frank opinion on the matter.

"The problem is Chris...and I'm trying to be measured here, we do appreciate you coming on to tell the story and yet every time...if you did that to somebody I loved, I swear to God I would have personally called over and broken both your legs. I'm not going to lie to you. If it was my sister, my mother, my daughter, I couldn't help myself. I wouldn’t let you out the door," he said.


“I know that’s violent, and I know that’s wrong. But I think it’s man-to-man.”

You can hear the interview here.