Man With No Penis Kept Condition from his Girlfriend for a YEAR 7 years ago

Man With No Penis Kept Condition from his Girlfriend for a YEAR

A man born without a penis managed to keep his condition secret from his girlfriend for a full year.

Andrew Wardle was born an ectopic bladder, meaning his bladder was outside of his body in place of the penis. The condition affects an estimated one in 30 million men.


Wardle met his girlfriend Fedra Fabian while she was working at a summer camp in the UK, staying in touch when she returned to her home in Budapest. The pair conducted a long-distance romance over Skype until she decided to move to his native England to be with him.

Andrew explained: "I told her I had kidney infections and stuff, so she wouldn't touch my kidneys, or touch me anywhere. It kind of kept her away."

Now, Andrew is set to be one of the first men in Britain to have a penis surgically reconstructed, using tissue taken from his arm.

The 39-year-old has opened up about his condition in an upcoming TLC documentary, as he embarks upon a year-long medical procedure.


Andrew has also revealed that he has slept with over 100 women, saying: “Ladies love me because I was completely non-threatening to them."

'The Man With No Penis' airs on June 11th on TLC at 9pm.