This graphic 'fish steak illustration' of virginity is the stupidest thing we've ever seen 4 years ago

This graphic 'fish steak illustration' of virginity is the stupidest thing we've ever seen

Lad, that is not how the vagina works.

Look, we know there are plenty of misconceptions about female anatomy out there.


People think women pee through the vagina, they can't find the clitoris to save their lives, and some even assume that penetration is the only way to sexually satisfy a woman.

Most of this is due to poor sex education and a simple unwillingness to listen to actual women's experiences.

If you're lucky, these issues will be cleared up once a little bit of education happens - you can move on with your life and never mention the time you thought women only had one hole between their legs ever again.

If you're unlucky though, you'll go through life spouting some pretty questionable nonsense about the vagina and all that surrounds it.


Essentially, you'll end up like this guy.

Reno Omokri is an author, conspiracy theorist, and lawyer.

He's also a guy on Twitter who posts a lot of problematic tweets.


Like, a lot.

We don't have time to go through them all here because there are only so many hours in the day, but one of his most recent is causing a bit of a stir online.

You'll see why in a minute.

Reno begins with: "Dear women" - already a bad start, tbh.


He goes on:

"God made virgins for husbands not boyfriends. Keeping your virginity till marriage is the best gift you can give to a husband.

"A Virgin is more likely to have a TIGHTER connection with her husband than a LOOSE woman who has had multiple sexual partners."

He then included a graphic illustration of some fish steaks with holes in them to make his 'point.'



Oh, where to begin?

There are many, many things to consider here, but let's instead condense our thoughts into three concise points.

1. Penetrative sex does not cause the vagina to become 'looser.'

If a woman can push a watermelon-sized item (a baby) out of herself, then what sort of dent do you really think a penis is going to have?

Sorry hun, but your dick is not that large.

2. A woman's 'virginity' does not define her worth, status, or literally anything else about her.

In fact, the term 'virgin' actually comes from an old French word that literally meant a "sexually intact young woman."

The term was basically invented to assign some sort of worth to women's genitals so they could then be given to men as some sort of gift or prize or wife or whatever.

Furthermore, many scholars have since argued that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a 'loss' of virginity is even a thing.

and 3. Please stop putting your fingers into your food, Reno, it's turning our stomachs.