Music video vibes: 5 thoughts we've all had in the shower 4 years ago

Music video vibes: 5 thoughts we've all had in the shower

While the thought of it might fill us with dread, those 15 minutes of peace in the shower can be a real joy.

Singing along to our favourite tunes, the shower can provide a sense of escape after a stressful day.


However, in the comfort of that privacy, we can get up to some pretty random things.

But don’t worry – we’re all doing them.

1. Checking yourself out in the mirror

In a room of reflective surfaces, it would be rude not to have a gawk. Those few minutes of inspection would uncover bruises, hairs and spots you never knew you had.

2. Pretending you’re in a music video

You’re looking up into the shower head, letting the water flow over your face, lip syncing along to Ariana Grande – until you nearly choke on the water and snap out of it.


3. Speed scrubbing

Your loofah was looking a little worse for wear so you chucked it out, only to be left with no other option than to steal your housemates. Needs must.

4. DMCs with yourself

Some of your best thinking goes on in that cubicle, from solving your life problems to planning your meals for the next month – all the answers you seek can be found in the shower.

5. Pulling hair from everywhere


You have no idea how, but there are clumps of hair being pulled from every nook and cranny, and you’re not OK with it. Now left with the clumped up tresses in your hand, you shake them off behind a shampoo bottle and pretend it never happened.