The one unexpected advantage to having sex during your period 1 year ago

The one unexpected advantage to having sex during your period

It’s still a pretty taboo subject.

We’ve come a long way in recent years when it comes to our willingness to talk openly and honestly about our sex lives.

Yes, our conversations around sex are increasingly becoming part of the everyday conversation with friends, however, the taboo around period sex still exists.

While having sex during your time of the month isn’t for everyone, even those who don’t see the fuss aren’t so willing to talk openly about it.

Well, this is sure to get the conversation started.

It turns out, having sex while on your period can actually make your period finish quicker.

It’s true but there is one catch – you have to orgasm.

Yes, ladies with every orgasm you have, your uterus contracts.

This helps the blood and uterine lining expel faster than normal leading to you finishing your period that little bit sooner.

Gynaecologists at the University of Michigan say that having an orgasm can help get Mother Nature packed up and on her way quicker than usual.

"Although no studies have been done on this, it’s likely that menstrual blood in the uterus is squeezed out during orgasm," says Dr Dee Fenner.

We know, amazing right?

This new information might change your mind on the whole thing.