Opinion: No, please, we don't need another reboot, stop 1 year ago

Opinion: No, please, we don't need another reboot, stop

Make it stop.

I'm getting this off my chest before And Just Like That starts - we don't need any more reboots, ever.


Actually, we never needed any reboots, just leave the originals alone.

Saved By The Bell's reboot has season two on the way, Sex and The City should've gotten the hint after two poorly rated films and don't get me started on How I Met Your Father being a thing.

It seems like every time a new TV show is announced, it's just the reboot of a classic, a classic that could be easily untouched and it would be so much better.


While I understand wanting to see how some of our favourite characters ended up, more often than not, we're just left with disappointment and a new TV show that has completely ruined the original.

Half the time not all the originals come back either, like Samantha not returning for And Just Like That or only three of the original iCarly cast on our screens this time around.

Speaking of iCarly, that may have been the worst idea of them all. I'll admit that I only watched the first episode but the show isn't the same without Sam or Gibby.

I get why they too don't want to come back, the first episode was so aware of not being even slightly controversial that they tried to squish every social issue into 20 minutes.



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Now with How I Met Your Father, the original ended bad enough, please don't make us re-live it, I beg you.

Boy Meets World is one of my all time favourites, and if you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it enough. So you can only imagine how excited I was for Girl Meets World.


Making the terrible mistake of going to Disney Channel, the show flopped despite having the potential to really dive deep into serious issues like the original always did (yes, I was too old to be watching it still.)

The same goes for other childhood classics like That's So Raven and the thankfully cancelled Lizzie McGuire reboot - they don't take the risks the old ones did and constantly play it safe.

So, if you're planning to re-do a classic TV series that has such cult followings, at least try and make it good. Don't waste our time.

And no, a Friends reboot might genuinely be the worst thing to ever exist, let's stop asking for it.