Outrage as school embarrasses teen for the size of her breasts 5 years ago

Outrage as school embarrasses teen for the size of her breasts

Your Debs - or prom - is a big night in any girl's life.

It takes a lot of time and effort to select your dress, get your hair done, do your makeup or tan and get ready on the day. Many girls can spend up a few months shopping and booking appointments for their big day which means it's only fair they enjoy the night when it eventually comes.


Unfortunately, that's not what happened for one Tennessee teenager when she arrived to her prom.

Amy Steverson arrived at her school ready for a great night with her friends, but was told by members of staff that her outfit was "too revealing".

Her friend Bronte’s mother Tiffani posted a picture of Amy to Facebook, explaining the horrible incident that happened. Tiffani explained:

"Arriving at the prom, she was stopped at the door. She would not be allowed in because her dress was "too revealing". After spending some time in the restroom crying, she was told she could go in if she wore the vice principal’s tux jacket, which mind you, did not cover her chest."

Amy decided to wear the suit jacket so she could attend the prom but Tiffani called out the body shaming the school officials subjected the teenager to.

"This young girl was SHAMED for having breasts.


"Her excitement during this memorable time of her life turned into embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her."

I hope Amy gets the chance to attend another prom free of hassle and embarrassment.

Shame on the teachers.