People are sharing weird ways they got into relationships and we're howling 1 year ago

People are sharing weird ways they got into relationships and we're howling

Some are cute, some are gas.

No matter what way you met your significant other, you will hold the memory close to your heart. Whether it was conventional or unconventional, there are many ways to meet the person you love, but this Reddit thread really has the best ones.


The question 'What's the weirdest way you've ever got a boyfriend/girlfriend?' was shared on an Ask Anything thread, and here are some of our favourite answers:

Puke Gate

"He puked at a carnival after riding the spaceship ride and I spent the rest of the day looking after him. Dated for 4+ years."

The Tinder slog

"I stopped talking to her on tinder because I thought she a little boring and far too slow at replying so I thought she wasn’t into me.

"Two years later I see her at a random club and now we’ve got our wedding booked and I can’t wait to marry her."

The race

"We met racing on the highway. I saw him whiz by me and I thought the trip home would go faster if I had a bunny to chase so I sped up to catch up with him. He eventually noticed.

"There was a toll station and I was slowing down when he pulled up in the passing lane and motioned for me to roll my window down. When I did, he asked for me to stop at the parking lot beyond the toll. Once there, we chatted for a bit and shared we were both driving to the same city. He gave me his number and we raced back and forth until we took different exits.

"Told my roommates the story when I got home and they encouraged me to call him and we had our first date a few days later. We were together for 2+ years and the rest is history, lol."


The traveller

"I was travelling through Australia at the time with my best friend and we met two guys at the beach we wanted to camp at. I hooked up with him on the beach that same evening.

"It was supposed to just be a one night stand, we would continue our journey the next day and I'd never have to see him again. But then we were forced to spend the whole week together because my best friend and his travel buddy also hooked up and wanted to keep travelling together.

"It was fucking awkward at first but then we had to have conversations while our friends had sex in the bushes and we noticed we actually really liked each other. Were together for 3+ years."

The old days

"MSN... We were randomly added to a group chat and we're married now."