Personal trainer says burpees are bad for you and it's the best news 4 years ago

Personal trainer says burpees are bad for you and it's the best news

Burpees aren't all they're cracked up to be and you know what, we're actually relieved.

If there's one exercise that can make you feel unfit even when you exercise regularly, it's the burpee.


They're just so tough and thankfully, it turns out that you might be better off staying away from them altogether.

Best news we've heard all day, tbh.

One personal trainer has shared his expert knowledge and we are here for it.

Writing for Women's Health, Michael Boyle, a certified functional strength coach, explained:


"The burpee is trying to be three things at once, and it’s not very good at any one of the three. I look at the burpee and I think, why would anyone do that exercise?"

He also went into detail about why exactly a burpee can do you more harm than good.

"In a burpee, you’re jamming your wrist into extension, then you’re putting a huge amount of stress on the anterior shoulder, which is the weakest part of the shoulder. Neither of those things is good in a singular sense, and they’re clearly not good in high repetitions".


Michael isn't the only one feeling like this too for Patrick Murphy, who just so happens to be a PT for Zac Efron, agrees that burpees just aren't the best idea.

While Murphy acknowledges that burpees burn fat and technically, they can be described as full-a body exercise, they can very easily cause injuries if you're not doing them properly.

"Imagine you’re doing burpees and then going to your sit-down job in an office all day. It’s not good for the wrist, the spine is not in the proper position".

Fantastic, we won't be sad to say goodbye to burpees...