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PIC: Man Challenges A Woman’s Typing Speed On Her Dating Profile - Her Response Is Epic
She showed him!

We know there’s probably some things people always lie about on their online dating profile. He’s not REALLY 6ft. We’re wearing heels, we know the truth.

What we can’t imagine is someone deciding to lie about their typing speed (we’re still not sure why it’s included at all), and even more bizarrely having someone challenge them for it.

When Londoner Natalie Guest got an instant message on OKCupid, she was probably expecting a smooth chat-up line.

Instead she was greeted with an attack of her morals (yes, we’re being dramatic, but this is all kinds of crazy):

Typing Speed Date

Typing Reply

Typing 3

We love that she stuck by her guns, and even more so that she proved him wrong. We have no doubt she’s putting that confidence to good use on the dating scene.

And we really doubt that the challenger will be inspecting typing speeds again.


Burn. (In the weirdest way possible)

Images via Buzzfeed UK

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