This picture of an Irish family shows the powerful bond between siblings 5 years ago

This picture of an Irish family shows the powerful bond between siblings

There's nothing that can contest the tie between siblings.

Eight months ago we reported that there were big celebrations in one household in Co. Kildare.


Teresa Dooley and her husband, Tommy Dooley revealed to their six-year-old son Jake that he is about to become a big brother and the video the magical moment created went seriously viral.

Jake's emotional response left people everywhere in tears, as his overwhelming happiness at having a sibling was just too much to handle.

But what follows on from this amazing video is the news that after a lot of waiting, Jake and his little sister, Emilie have finally met.

Proud mum Teresa Dooley filled us in on the moment Jake and baby Dooley met and it's really touching.

"[We were] video calling Jake from the delivery ward as we promised he would be the first to know when his little sister arrived, his face speaks volumes, the second is the first time they met, literally face to face, all his dreams came true"

In the first photo, Jake is so nervous with excitement that he looks teary-eyed, unable to wait any longer to meet his new sibling.



The second photo beholds the loving gaze between the two Dooley siblings, and the smile on Jake's face looking at baby Emilie just shows how great of a big brother he's going to be.


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