The 'Rose Latte' has to be the prettiest coffee ever invented 5 years ago

The 'Rose Latte' has to be the prettiest coffee ever invented

Almost too fab to drink.

The 'rose latte' trend appears to have started with Bia Coffee (also known for their lavender appleade, blueberryade and vanilla latte) in Koreatown, Los Angeles, according to LAist and it's spreading quickly.


Grace Café, a coffee shop by day and dessert café by night, is now making Rose Petal Milk Teas and they've shared the results on Instagram.

Although the petal teas don't have the caffeine hit you get from your daily Americano, the blend of Ceylon and Assam offers a unique taste and hey, think of the Instagram opportunities.

Fit for a Disney princess // ?: @katielambs

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Having spoken to someone who tried the drink for themselves, the Refinery 29 gals found out that it tastes amazing.

There are both regular hot and iced options available and considering they're topped with rose petals, what's not to love?

First the boozy ice-cream shop and now this, it might be time for a trip stateside...


Image via Instagram: Grace Street Café