Here is the saddest dog in the world and we relate to her so, so much 3 years ago

Here is the saddest dog in the world and we relate to her so, so much

Same, to be honest.

The saddest dog in the world has been revealed - her name is Madame Eyebows and this is her.


She's got a sad mouth. She's got sad eyebrows. She's got sad ears. She's still adorable af, but Jesus Christ, is she sad?

Bless her.

If Madame Eyebrows were a woman, she would constantly be told by strangers on the street to "smile."


If Madame Eyebrows were a doctor, her bedside manner would be terrible.

If Madame Eyebrows were some lad you met in a club, you would be totally distrustful of her.


But Madame Eyebrows is none of those things - she's just a lovely English bulldog who happens to look super upset all the time but is most likely probably loving her life really.

We hope anyway... because Madame Eyebrows, you deserve the world and more.


As if taking the saddest dog crown wasn't enough either, Madame Eyebrows also has over 30,000 followers on her Instagram.

She is essentially an influencer in her own right, like.

Fair play.


Madame Eyebrows' account is run by her German owner, Janina, who is only delighted that her little sad pup has amassed such an impressive following.

We need more sad animals that aren't really sad but super happy in our lives, guys.

They're just so beautiful.