Shocker! The Heartbreaking Reason This Irish Bride Is Selling Her Wedding Dress... 7 years ago

Shocker! The Heartbreaking Reason This Irish Bride Is Selling Her Wedding Dress...

A Cork woman is selling her wedding dress in order to raise money for an annulment, after finding out that her new husband had been having an affair with another man.

The woman's mother contacted Cork's 96FM this week to ask them to help sell the dress, wedding rings and bridesmaid dresses, which have been advertised on Done Deal, so that her daughter can raise enough money to pay for a legal annulment of her marriage.


She told the station that the couple has been married for just six months when it emerged that the groom had been "seeing another man and had been for years".

"He had become very secretive and would return home late from work without giving a valid reason. One evening, my daughter followed him as she didn't believe him when he said that he was going to the gym. She ended up at a hotel outside the city where she saw her husband park up and another man get into the car next to him, and watched as they hugged and exchanged a kiss that was clearly more than just a friendly gesture. Soon after this, my daughter confronted her husband, where he revealed that he had been living a double life for quite some time and he was, in fact, gay. He told her that he had used her to cover up that he was gay as he didn't want to reveal it to his family, his friends or his work colleagues."

The woman added that her daughter "is devastated and so are our family" following the revelation and had been forced to sell the wedding items to pay for the mounting legal fees.

"The reason for this email is the fact that the husband is making things difficult as regards the legal marriage annulment and the legal fees are starting to accumulate. We need to sell off all of the bridal attire in order to start paying off the fees and this is where I would really appreciate your help. All of the items can be found on Done Deal and if your listeners could take a look, it would mean so much to me. Please keep my identity secret as I don't wish to cause any more hardship for my daughter."