Six Tips To Get You Through The Party Season Feeling Your Best 5 years ago

Six Tips To Get You Through The Party Season Feeling Your Best

The Christmas party season is in full swing and the coming weeks will be all. about. indulgence. It’s a fantastic time of year that we all look forward to, but if you’re trying your best to count those calories and keep yourself feeling trim, things can get quite tricky. Check out these tips to help keep you feeling your best this party season..

Walk it off

Pick up the pace as you traipse around the shops in search of your Christmas presents and burn off up to 200 calories in just 30 minutes. And that's without even noticing. Walk to restaurants and parties where possible, and suggest an after-lunch stroll instead of hopping straight onto your bus or into a taxi with your friends.

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Party plan of action

Decide before you go out how many canapés you would like to consume and when you've reached your magic number, stop there. Say no to finger food with pastry bases and creamy toppings and you'll notice a difference the next day.

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Water, water everywhere

Drink lots of the stuff. Not only will it keep you feeling fuller for longer and hydrate your system, a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage means you will drink less and combat the next day's hangover. During a particularly party-filled week, keep a glass beside your bed, another one on your desk, a bottle in the fridge and in your bag, another in the car, and well, you get the picture..

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Knowledge is power

Swot up on the calorie count of your favourite festive snacks or drinks, and you'll be surprised how long that information will stick with you and influence your decisions. The next time we reach for that third or fourth mince pice, for example, we're going to remind ourselves that it probably has in the region of 300 calories. Do some research and arm yourself with the cold hard facts before heading into the party season.

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Bring your own treats

Whether you’re having an office potluck or heading to your annual girly get together, take a low-calorie dish or snack that you know you’ll enjoy. You're more likely to tuck into something you've made yourself and veer away from the more unhealthy alternatives.


Sleeping Beauty

It can be tempting to stay out and party to til the cows come home (and then party with the cows) at this time of year, but a lack of sleep can lead to a weakened defence system so be sure to get as much rest as you can. Pencil in some downtime for yourself each week.

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Natureo, the de-alcoholised wine from Torres, Ireland’s most popular Spanish wine brand is only 0.5% alcohol and it’s ideal for when you want to enjoy a party late into the night. And at only 36 calories per quarter bottle - less half of regular white wine - you won’t feel like you need to be rolled out the door afterwards either. It’s also perfect if you need to drive later since its trace amount of alcohol means you can enjoy a few glasses without going anywhere near the limit. In fact this Christmas keep an eye out for “One Free for the Driver” in participating pubs and restaurants where the designated driver gets a free glass of Torres Natureo when their friends order two glasses of wine or more. For more information see

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