Sleeping in this position can help women orgasm (apparently) 3 years ago

Sleeping in this position can help women orgasm (apparently)

Yet another reason to get more sleep.

It can be very difficult to get out of the leaba (the snooze button is both a blessing and a curse) and now, it seems there's another reason to get into bed.


According to one expert, it's possible to orgasm while sleeping and although it sounds like that would be quite difficult, the key is supposedly linked to the way you're lying down.

It's all to do with how you're positioned at the time and one expert says that sleeping on your tummy is the way to make the big O happen.

Although men are twice as likely to climax while they're asleep, this pro tip courtesy of Dr Jess O'Reilly, a sexologist, is helpful for women as it allows for clitoral stimulation.

The sex expert says that sex dreams aren't all that common either, telling The Daily Star that they don't happen as often as people might think.

Jess also said that orgasms during sleep are more likely when you're tired/if you haven't reached climax for some time and you can check out more of the advice on her website here.

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It all sounds a bit daft to us but this particular sexologist knows her stuff and if she says it's possible, then we might as well go and test the method.


Obviously, it's different for every woman and what works for one won't do the same for another but of course, this tip is worth a try all the same.

This isn't the first time it's been suggested that women can reach orgasms while in the land of nod either.

In conversation with Women's Health previously, obstetrician/gynecologist and executive director of the Southern California Sexual Health Center, Michael Krychman said:

 "Women can have sexy dreams that end in orgasms, just like men… When you're sleeping, you're in a state of peace and relaxation that allows your subconscious to explore aspects of your life, including sex".