Sligo girl is looking for the Prince Charming she met at the Galway Races 6 years ago

Sligo girl is looking for the Prince Charming she met at the Galway Races

Love at first sight is very much a real thing.

With dating apps and the evolution of social media these days, you wouldn't think it but there are still a few romantics left in the world.


In clubs, supermarkets, cinemas, festivals and churches (at Mass, sure why not) there are hundreds upon thousands of people around the world setting eyes on each other and perhaps falling in love. Awww.

One girl who is looking for her Prince Charming is appealing for help in looking for the fancy fella she met at the Galway Races.

Sligo lass Orla got in touch with us in a bid to find the lucky lad who she got chatting to but didn't get the name of.

Orla's friend Emma Griffin filled us in with the story of how Orla came to meet the boy of her dreams.


"My good friend Orla found the love of her life yesterday at the Galway Races and then met him again last night at the Radisson galway! The craic was had with plenty of innocent flanter...

Low and behold she let him slip through her fingers with neither a name or a number so she needs your help to track him down"

Emma told us they met at the Millennium Stand at the races but the only details they found out was that the boy is from Cavan.

Potential Best Friend of the Year 2016 Emma is so dedicated to the cause in helping Orla find him, she sent us a photo of the happy duo.



Sure Jaysus look at them, the Posh and Becks of the Galway Races!

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