Survey Reveals What Age You Are Most Likely To Be Popular 6 years ago

Survey Reveals What Age You Are Most Likely To Be Popular

It's all downhill from here it seems. 

Making friends always seemed a lot easier as a kid, then you maintain the same group during school and that expanded in college or in the workplace.


But according to The Conversation, there is a certain age when it becomes less easy to make friends and it's pretty early in life.

Apparently, you pass your friendship making years at the age of 25. After that age, we are more inclined to lose friends and acquaintances rather than make new ones.

This conclusion was the basis of research taken up by scientists at Oxford and Aalto universities and published in Royal Society Open Science.

They obtained phone call records of 3.2m mobile users across Europe and studied the findings which showed the phone call patterns of a range of different age groups.


They particularly looked at who they called, how often they called and the length of time they talked.

The results showed that people under 25 years of age talked on their phones more than any other age group, which suggests that people might become less socially connected with age.

There are a few key factors which affect people's communication in later life, such as marriage, parenthood, careers, health issues and other life stages.