Survey Shows This Is The Most Popular TV Ad Of All Time 6 years ago

Survey Shows This Is The Most Popular TV Ad Of All Time

This is a bit bananas...

The 2007 Cadburys ad featuring a gorilla drumming along to Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight has stood the test of time and been voted most popular TV ad.


Of the 1,000 polled by Marketing Magazine, 19 per cent voted for the now-iconic ad which boosted Cadbury's sales by 9 per cent eight years ago.

Here are the top ten ads of all time according to the survey:

  1.  Cadbury Gorilla (19 per cent). 

Video via YouTube/macegrove

2. Compare the Market (16 per cent). 


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3. Cadbury's Smash Martians (11 per cent). 

Video via YouTube/ScreenBlaster13

4. Hamlet Cigars (7 per cent).  


Video via YouTube/olliedann

5. Yellow Pages (7 per cent). 


Video via YouTube/haribokey

6. Coca-Cola I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (7 per cent).

Video via YouTube/ShellyKiss


7.  Budweiser Wassup (5 per cent). 

Video via YouTube/RodrigoArijon

8. Guinness surfer (8 per cent). 

Video via YouTube/Alltmor

9. John Lewis Always a Woman (5 per cent). 

Video via YouTube/optimoparker

10. Levi Laundrette (4 per cent).

Video via YouTube/MarcelVisser

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