Ten Stories From 2015 That Prove It Was A Great Year For Humanity 5 years ago

Ten Stories From 2015 That Prove It Was A Great Year For Humanity

Too often our newsfeeds are filled with stories of pain, suffering and violence.

While of course it's important that these stories are shared, it's always worth taking some time out to celebrate the good news stories that remind us of the power of kindness and love.


Before we go completely gooey on you, let's move swiftly on and take a quick look at some of the loveliest stories of 2015, which restore our faith in humanity.

We said yes 

2015 was the year the yes was won.

History was made on May 23rd when the Irish people made their voices heard in favour of equality.

Provisional results of the count announced at Dublin Castle showed a victory for the 'Yes' side with 1,201,607 votes in favour in comparison to 734,300 'No' votes.

Watch the incredible reactions at Dublin Castle here.



From the mouth of babes

Before the Yes was even officially won, there was a small win for humankind in the form of a note found in a ballot box from a nine-year-old child.

It simply said "I vote yes, Carey, age 9." But it signified everything.



Aer Lingus "Thank You" went viral in the wake of the Berkeley tragedy. 

People in their droves paid tribute to the airline for their outstanding customer care in the wake of the Berkeley tragedies.

A Facebook post, thanking them for their help in flying the families of the victims out to California inspire dozens more to share their stories of kindnesses shown by Aer Lingus staff.

Aer Lingus


An amazing gift

This story began with Cara Grace Duggan replying to a Gum Tree ad for a second-hand Nutribullet. Her mother was sick with cancer and she wanted the blender to help with her mum's care and nutrition.

The seller replied asking for her address and instead of passing on his secondhand nutribullet, paid for a brand new one.

He went above and beyond to make sure she got her nutribullet and thanked HER for the opportunity to help.



Christmas came early

An entire town in Ontario celebrated Christmas in October for a little boy who is terminally ill, in case he didn't make it to the 25th December.

When Evan's mum asked the neighbours to put up their lights early for her son, she had no idea how far the idea would spread.

Soon the whole town had come together, putting up Christmas lights all over and even organising a Christmas parade, complete with floats and a Santa Claus.

True Christmas spirit.

Christmas 1

The face says it all

If anything at all positive came out of Storm Desmond, it was the knowledge that when times get tough, we will all stick the shovel in and help each other out. (And Teresa Mannion - obviously a HUGE positive).

When the folks Animal Heaven Rescue in County Kerry spotted a Donkey in need, volunteers rallied together and saved the little trooper.

His face is the best thing about 2015.



Ordinary people became extraordinary

Since its inception, the Humans of Dublin Facebook page has been wowing us with stories of ordinary men, women and children in the capital... all of whom has his or her own extraordinary story.

One story featured on the page this year was particularly noteworthy - it was the story of Jamie Harrington and the man on the ledge.

When Jamie stumbled across the man sitting on the bridge, there was something about him that Jamie couldn't forget. Although he insisted he was fine, Jamie insisted on calling an ambulance and keeping in touch with him.

Some time later, the man got back in touch with Jamie and let him know that he had saved his life, and that he had named his first child after him.


Batman for a day

Thanks to the Make a Wish foundation, five-year-old Miles who has leukemia was granted his wish to become Batman for a day.

As well as donning the cape, it was arranged for Miles to ‘fight crime’ by turning part of the city into Gotham City and asking members of the public to get involved.

He was also challenged to track down the Penguin who was going to steal the mascot of the San Francisco Giants.

His dream became a reality on November 15th of this year.

Video via YouTube/Make-A-Wish® GreaterBayArea

The power of a hug

Following the Paris attacks, people stood strong in the face of violence by celebrating love and peace. Again, people united and rallied together in the face of adversity and many beautiful stories came in the aftermath of the tragedy.

One Muslim man decided to break down some of the barriers and fears that are helping to spread xenophobia – by standing with his arms wide open on Republic Square in Paris.

Standing amongst the crowds of mourners, the man placed a sign at his feet, reading:

"I trust you, do you trust me? So hug me!"

Video via YouTube/RuptlyTV

The future is in safe hands

Many argue that the true spirit and meaning of Christmas has been lost on millennials and the younger generation, but this story proved otherwise.

Kids from Scoil Bhride & Holy Trinity in Donaghmede came together to reach out to Dublin's homeless with special handwritten letters.