This girl's response to shop workers mocking her shorts is top notch 5 years ago

This girl's response to shop workers mocking her shorts is top notch

Another day, another case of a woman being shamed for her clothes.

It's sad to think that even in 2016, girls almost anticipate rude comments about their clothes before they even leave the front door.


We see accounts of women being shamed for the mere choice to wear clothes almost daily and sadly the oppression doesn't stop there.

The latest account of shaming comes in the form of a Facebook post, with Harriet Rae from the UK telling her story of being mocked for wearing shorts.

Cornwall resident Harriet told of how she was visiting her local Superdrug when two workers decided to giggle about the length of her shorts.

The full post reads

"To the two girls working in Truro Superdrug this afternoon.
Don't worry, I heard the comments you made to each other about my appearance and my shorts. You spoke loud enough for most people to hear. Its obviously not the first time you've had a giggle and a made comments about another girl but when you do it normally, the person you talk about probably looks away and you actually make them feel really sad inside. But today, by the looks on your faces you really weren't prepared for the massive cheesy smile I gave you!
Just so you know, your words didn't hurt me. The looks you gave me did not either.
I do feel slightly saddened that you think it's ok to speak about another female, or in fact anyone, in that way.
I don't believe you gained anything from it apart from looking a little bit silly when you realised I heard you.
If somehow you end up reading this, as Cornwall is a very small place, can you be a little bit kinder with your words? Some peoples skin isn't as thick as mine has become and the next persons might be very thin indeed.
So in response to your comments, I send back some love!
If you did your own hair and make up for work today, you are both very talented. I could never get my winged liner or my ponytail that perfect!
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Following her powerful post, Harriet told of how Superdrug reached out to apologise for their employee's hurftul actions.


"I have spoken to the lovely people at Superdrug Head Office today (25.7.16), who apologised for what happened in the Truro Store on Saturday. I reenforced that the intended message of the post was to spread kindness and positivity not embarrassment or hurt. They understood and accepted that I didn't want to give a description of the people or my location in the store when it happened. They have also said that my post will be used in training in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Thank you to everyone who shared the post, sent friend requests and private messages.
I never imagined it would gain so much publicity and it has definitely shown me how powerful social media can be.
Lots of Love <3"