This Piece Of Jewellery Is Designed To Protect Women From Sexual Assault 6 years ago

This Piece Of Jewellery Is Designed To Protect Women From Sexual Assault

Rape and sexual assault is not a new problem, but it is at the forefront of people's minds at the moment with issues surrounding consent being explored in depth. 

In 2013 alone, more than 33,000 calls were made to rape and sexual assault helplines in Ireland and many women find themselves constantly looking over their shoulders while walking home from work or a night out.


A new IndieGoGo project by seeks to make women feel more safe, and it's no surprise that it has already attracted a lot of attention.

The piece of jewellery, called the Athena, is a device which aims to protect women from sexual assault at the touch of a button.

Athena 1

It is a small metallic button which, when pressed, sends an immediate alert to the owner's emergency contacts with your location, and also sends out a loud alarm which could deter the attacker on the spot.

Athena 2

According to i100, the project has already received over €144,000 in pledges, a LOT more than it's original goal of €30,000.

The founder of the movement Roar For Good, Yasmin Mustafa was inspired to create the device after travelling in South America and meeting countless women who had been assaulted.


She explained: "We built this device to help save lives... Athena is the next generation of wearable technology. It helps empower women to live their lives boldly, without fear."

Athena 3

Unlike pepper spray or even small weapons, this device cannot be used against the victim, and an option to send the alert without sounding the alarm is available.

Athena will be available to buy internationally from May 2016 at the price of around £65, and is available in rose gold, silver or black, pledges can be made here.