This Woman's Brave Masectomy Photos Have Gone Viral For A Great Reason 7 years ago

This Woman's Brave Masectomy Photos Have Gone Viral For A Great Reason

This lady is on a mission to prove that scars are "nothing to be ashamed of". 

Caroline Keeney underwent a preventative double masectomy after learning that she had a 97 per cent chance of developing breast cancer.


Having lost two aunts and watched her mother suffer with the disease, Caroline decided to undergo the life-saving surgery and "never looked back".

ok guys putting these pics up of my foobs I am in no way body beautiful as I'm not the fittest or best looking I'm just...

Posted by My prophylactic mastectomy on Tuesday, 13 October 2015


The Scottish native then decided to blog her post-masectomy journey on Facebook, and has moved thousands with her raw but incredibly powerful photos.

Explaining why she decided to post the photos, Caroline explained to Cosmopolitan that she felt that there weren't enough "happy and proud" photos shared.

She has certainly gone a long way to change that, as two of her photos inspired tens of thousands of likes and shares.


Pure attitude haha #teamfoobs! Zaria thanks for keeping them natural xx

Posted by My prophylactic mastectomy on Wednesday, 14 October 2015


While the photos have garnered a huge amount of support, Caroline revealed that the photos have been reported and even got her banned from a community Facebook group.


She said: "I think [that] is wrong as mastectomy scars are not pornographic or explicit​."

"I am proud of my scars, they saved my life."

Hat Tip: Cosmopolitan