Here are the top 5 wedding invitation trends for 2017 5 years ago

Here are the top 5 wedding invitation trends for 2017

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If you are searching for wedding invitations and need a little help in choosing then look no further.

I spoke with Linda Curtis Kelly from Loving Invitations to find out the different trends that will be big in 2017 and give you some inspiration for your own invites.

Linda sees a shift to more natural, creative and classic invitations with beautiful florals, fancy calligraphy, laser cut detail, and rustic designs.



Linda says, "The nature trend continues to be popular but in 2017 it's all about beautiful flowers and the rustic countryside. It is less structured and more organic. We love nature and there’s nothing so naturally charming or as simple and delicate as flowers. Amazing for boho, rustic or vintage themed weddings."

Modern Rustic

"Modern Rustic is very much in and going nowhere anytime soon. Rustic elements mixed with a soft colour palette and teamed with Kraft envelopes," Linda says, "Invitation wording is also 'modern' in content – couples are mostly choosing to invite their guests from themselves now.  Only on a few occasion over the last year, have I been asked to include their parent’s names on the wedding invitation introduction."


Colour Trends

Linda anticipates that pastel colours will continue to be very popular in 2017.


Laser Cut

Linda also thinks laser cut invitations will be big, "Laser cut invitations are still relatively new to Ireland but is set to become a red-hot trend for 2017. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, mostly used in industrial settings but more recently has been adopted by paper companies. This is definitely the next-big-thing in wedding stationery."


It's not just the overall style that couples are now focusing on but the little details, and a good font will always make your invites stand out. Linda says, "Bold graphics and type fonts are becoming quite popular, with couples opting to use striking graphics and bold type fonts for their invites – think script and calligraphy styles, making a big impact whilst still being very easy to read."


Linda and her team at Loving Invitations advise that you keep it classy and elegant, legible and neat, and then let the design convey your personality and taste.

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