Woman sets wedding dress on fire to celebrate divorce from 'worthless' husband 5 years ago

Woman sets wedding dress on fire to celebrate divorce from 'worthless' husband

Yas, girl.

Divorces are difficult at the best of times.


They're expensive, take a long time, and are very emotionally and physically draining.

The whole process is probably a lot worse too if you're trying to divorce your "worthless, cheating, abusive" husband.

There is one thing you can do though to make the whole thing slightly less awful and that's invite a load of people around to watch you light your wedding dress on fire while you sell all of your ex's things.



One woman who did just that was Texas-born, Briana Barksdale.

She announced her "freedom from assholes garage sale" on Facebook saying that she was going to get rid of her ex-husband's queen size bed, dining room set, clothes, and a lot of kitchen utensils.

Briana wrote:


"So after 2 long years, I have FINALLY been able to divorce my worthless, cheating, abusive husband. During that time, I had the distinct pleasure of paying for TWO entire households because he lost his job due to committing a felony and couldn't support himself.

"Fortunately, everyone eventually saw through his bullshit, and I'm free. I am also WAY more broke.

That said, I have an entire household worth of shit that needs to be GONE. I don't want to look at it. I don't want the memories. And I'd like to recoup some of the thousands upon thousands of dollars I spent on his sorry ass."

Understandably, a load of people showed up to the sale to support Briana and to maybe buy some new spoons.

While they were there, Briana decided to burn her wedding dress because, why not?


Briana told Click2Houston that everything she wanted to sell was sold within a few minutes of her garage sale starting.

She also made about $3,000.

Get it girl.