These are the worst things you can do while driving 5 years ago

These are the worst things you can do while driving

Who would do some of these?

Even though there have been countless adverts and appeals to the public to drive without using phones, or doing anything that would distract, people continue to do so.


The use of a mobile phone behind the wheel causes approximately 20 percent of road crashes.

According to Breaking News, there are other more worrying things that people do.

Information from police around the world has confirmed some of the deadliest ways people have been caught behind the wheel.

They are:


1. Mobile phones - and it's not just limited to phone calls. Social media is a major cause of mobile phone use behind the wheel

2. Doing work on an iPad while driving at 100km on the motorway

3. Sexual acts

4. Putting on make-up


5. Brushing hair

6. Eating cereal from a bowl with a spoon. (And eating anything at all)

Mayo County Council Noel Gibbons has said:

"It doesn't matter how many times we hammer it, people are still willing to pick up a phone and check Facebook or check their status on other social media or on a dating page or whatever.

It's just astounding that they're more concerned about what's going on outside of their vehicle than what's right in front of them. They're not only putting their life at risk, but every other road user."