Wrangler Jeans 'feminist' ad has annoyed women everywhere 4 years ago

Wrangler Jeans 'feminist' ad has annoyed women everywhere

It's a bit of a mixed message.

These days companies are trying hard to be relateable, influential and groundbreaking.


When it works, it can be powerful, but a lot of the time, they miss the boat.

Wrangler jeans is a perfect example of this. They launched an attempt at a body confidence campaign which uses the hashtags #bodybespokejeans and #morethanjustagirl.

While the campaign was an attempt at promoting women being who they want to be, it comes across as more offensive than anything.

Most people are taking issue with the fact that they were never under the impression that they were 'just a bum' so why paint it as if women ever were.

Masses of people commented on their social media pages criticising them for the message, however a number of the comments were deleted from Facebook.

This did not stop people from having their say on Twitter however.



Wrangler issued an 'apology' of sorts in the comments under their Facebook post which thanks people for their passion.


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