You can DIY this gorgeous marble coffee table for less than a tenner 4 years ago

You can DIY this gorgeous marble coffee table for less than a tenner

IKEA for the win.

If you are an avid user of Pinterest and follow you share of interior design mavens on Instagram, you will no doubt be aware that marble has – for a while now – been the hottest surface around.


As in; people are scrambling to get their hands on anything marble (or, in most cases, faux marble), be it phone cases, laptop covers, watches, wallpaper and occasional tables.

The thing is, though, while you can get your marble fix in the likes of Penneys and H&M when it comes to phone cases, getting your hands on a piece of (faux) marble-clad furniture, on the other hand, can be quite pricey.

Well, until now that is.

Enter this genius IKEA hack (or any other coffee table you might have) and you can have your very own marble-topped coffee table – for pretty much next to nothing.


All you need is a coffee table (one with straight sides and angles is easier) and a roll of marble contact paper (this one on Amazon is a steal at only €5.86!)

The folks at Livet Hemma, which is IKEA's own DIY blog used the now no-longer-in-stock Klubbo coffee table for their project, but this will work equally well with any other coffee- or side table you might get your hands on.

You might need to get a friend on board with this, as you probably need two pairs of hands to get the contact paper stuck on right, with no creases and air bubbles.


But seriously; this takes a mere minutes, and just look at the result.