Lads! Croc-shaped PET BEDS exist, and we actually kind of love them 4 years ago

Lads! Croc-shaped PET BEDS exist, and we actually kind of love them

Welcome to 2019.

Do you ever see something and instantly decide you need it in your life?


That happened to us this afternoon, when we discovered CROC-SHAPED PET BEDS.

Oh yes, they exist, and they're absolutely majestic.

These slipper pet beds are currently for sale on Amazon, and each colour has a different price (which is weird, tbh).

The yellow bed is priced at £46.79, the pink at £54.99 and the beige colour is a lot more expensive at £195.43.


And the beige is by far the least attractive shade.

The pet beds have a number of enthusiastic and positive reviews online.

One user wrote:


"This is such fun for a dog bed although can only be used for a small dog or cat but it looks fantastic and is certainly a topic of conversation. Everybody wants to know where on earth I got it from! Both my little dog and my cat sleep in it so it must be comfortable as well."

Another added: "What a super little bed this is, I think it's such a clever idea, you can clean it whenever you need to, cover and the bed itself and it keeps your pet nice and snug and looks really nice too."

pet beds

A third customer added: "This is fantastic for our seven year old tortoise he just loves it, he goes in and out of it himself and loves the soft material,great price, very fast delivery.Thanks a Million."


The real question though? Will they be releasing a range for humans?