DCU tweeted the Taoiseach asking about the storm and it's very funny 3 years ago

DCU tweeted the Taoiseach asking about the storm and it's very funny

Look - admittedly it was all a bit last minute and we're sure that there were plenty of people with plenty of questions.

That and we're not used to extremes of weather on this island.


Still, when the Department Of Education And Skills confirmed on Sunday that schools and colleges would be closed on Monday, October 16 due to the impending Storm Ophelia, one of our universities got a little confused.

With An Taoiseach taking to Twitter himself to spread the word of a nationwide red warning, Dublin City University thought it would ask Mr Varadkar directly to expand on his message.

In a now deleted response (oh, sweet regret), DCU asked: "Can you please clarify what is meant by colleges and institutions?" adding: "Does this extended to third level institutions?"


And needless to say, Twitter pounced in the aftermath.

Sharing a screen-grab, one user - Aaron Harper - commented: "DCU may have deleted the tweet but we will never forget that they asked the Taoiseach if we are a college."


Another, Jack Leahy, suggested drawing on the tweet if "ever you feel clueless in any given situation in life".

Somebody else - Kieran Gormley - offered: "If you ever say something stupid in public just remember DCU once asked was it a college."

Although the university hasn't commented on its role in breaking Twitter on Sunday evening, it dusted itself off to send out an email to staff and students detailing how the storm would impact on campus operations.


It also thanked everyone for their "patience". As you were, lads...