Guy wants to know if wedding photographer hates him because of this 4 years ago

Guy wants to know if wedding photographer hates him because of this

Ah, god.

Weddings are fun.


There's food, there's drink, there's dancing, there's people you haven't seen in years and now have to explain your entire life to, there's drink, there's a free bar sometimes, and there's drink.

There's also generally a wedding photographer knocking around to capture all of the lovely (and debaucherous) moments of the day.

They'll take candid photos, they'll take posed photos, and they'll absolutely take photos of you downing your fifth baby Guinness at the bar.

They generally don't, however, take photos like this one that left a guy on Twitter wondering if he had done something truly awful to offend the wedding photographer.


And to be honest, we can see why he would be concerned.

Ah, god.

Mike is a Twitter user from New York City.

He also got absolutely bodied by a wedding photographer this month, much to the amusement of over 60,000 people online.


Mike took it all in good faith though and decided to milk his photo in every way that he could - by tweeting about it constantly.


He even took it upon himself to let everyone know that he's usually not totally hideous either.

Fair play to him.


Other people then started getting in on the fun too, by helping Mike through his trauma in whatever way they could.


Then somebody did the unthinkable and actually managed to fix Mike's photo.

And they did a pretty good job too in fairness to them.

Good as new.