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Irish woman didn't know she won €500,000 for an entire MONTH
Well, that was some surprise!

“I heard the following day that the jackpot was won in Spain, so I didn’t even bother checking the results.”

A woman from Clare collected a whopping €500,000 at National Lottery HQ on Friday, a whole month after the Euromillions draw she purchased a ticket for took place.

In fact, she might not have collected the winnings at all were it not for a casual conversation that took place at her home about the fact that the winning ticket for the Euromillions Plus draw on October 6 was purchased in the small village of Ardnacrusha.

“I was in the car on October 6th when I heard that night’s Euromillions jackpot was a massive €190 million so I pulled into the nearest shop to buy a ticket,” the lucky winner said.

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“I heard the following day that the jackpot was won in Spain, so I didn’t even bother checking the results. I didn’t know anything about a €500,000 Euromillions Plus prize.”

“Despite the fact there was a lot of talk over the weeks of a big Euromillions winner in Clare it just never registered that it could be me,” she added.

“A few weeks later we were at home and I casually mentioned that I got a Euromillions ticket in Ardnacrusha. The house went absolutely wild with the anticipation as we searched for this ticket and we haven’t stopped celebrating since.”

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The celebrations aren’t going to stop now either, with the plans for the winnings including a brand new car and a big sun holiday for all the family.

“The shopping list has been drawn up so we have a small few things to buy before we start acting sensibly with the money,” the Clare native said.

“I’m driving a banger of a car at the moment so I’ll definitely be trading that up. We’ll take care of the family of course but not before I take them all away on a sun holiday before Christmas.”

On Friday night, November 11, the Euromillions Pus top prize of €500,000 was claimed by one lucky winner in Ireland. More details are available here.

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