London is getting a new skyscraper and it looks like a giant willy 5 years ago

London is getting a new skyscraper and it looks like a giant willy

A new proposed skyscraper for London has caused a bit of an uprising with many people commenting that the structure resembles a giant penis.

The £800 million skyscraper will tower 770 feet over London, and from the ground it looks like a regular glass fronted building. From the sky, it’s a completely different story.


The building will be called Spire London and will contain luxury accommodation for 765 people. According to Londonist, prices start from £595,000.


According to the structures own website, the building will contain a 5-star spa and a club bar on the 35th floor.

Controversy has already surrounded the building, with reports from Cosmo suggesting that the developers behind the building have planned on installing a “poor door.” The special entrance will be used by social tenants housed on the lower floors while private lifts will accommodate those living in the more exclusive parts of the building. Sounds like some people are bound to be shafted.

Development agency Greenland, claim the design is not a cock up. The curved edges and phallic proportions are designed to represent petals.

The apartments will be erected by 2020.