Oh, just Hillary Clinton dancing along to the Macarena at the 1996 Democratic Convention 4 years ago

Oh, just Hillary Clinton dancing along to the Macarena at the 1996 Democratic Convention

The Hillary gems just keep on comin'.

At last week's Democratic Convention in Philadelphia - where she was anointed as America's first ever female top-ticket president nominee - Hillary Clinton gave the internet a huge laugh with her amazed reaction to indoor fireworks in the convention hall.

This was right after she revealed to the world just how much she and husband Bill enjoy balloons.

And then there was the emergence of Hillary's eye-candy nephew onto the national stage.

But over the weekend, the world got what may be the greatest Hillary LOL of all with the re-emergence of footage from the Democratic Convention in 1996.

The biggest of hat tips to BuzzFeed writer Jesse McLaren for resurrecting this clip - so let's set the scene by pressing play on this video:


During the convention in Chicago that year - when Hillary was First Lady and husband Bill and running mate Al Gore were seeking re-election for another term - the delegates decided to have an impromptu bop to Los del Rio's imperishable '90s one-hit-wonder, 'Macarena'.

These are scenes so incredible that they might make one think the footage has been doctored - or that there was a gas leak inside the conventional hall that day - but we can assure you that this is real.

While Hillary refrains from joining the other attendees in breaking out the famous moves to the 'Macarena' dance, she can be seen clapping and swaying along to the beat, with a delighted - if baffled - expression on her face.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.54.55


"Just go with it Hill," you can almost imagine her saying to herself. "Smile, dance along with these head-the-balls, and in 20 years time YOU can be president!"

The Great Macarena Outbreak of '96 instantly became iconic - even inspiring a decent self-deprecating joke from then vice president Al Gore, who poked fun at his boring public image by standing motionless on stage as a demonstration of his attempts at the 'Macarena' dance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.58.33


Still, aside from the joy that this 20-year-old clip has provided us in recent days, it also allowed one of the participants to see himself in action for the very first time.

Let's just not focus too much on the potential foreshadowing that the 'Macarena' lyrics might have have brought to Bill Clinton's notorious second term as president...