Student's seriously innovative yet destined to fail plan to get out of an exam 1 year ago

Student's seriously innovative yet destined to fail plan to get out of an exam

You can't say they didn't try.

Exams are not the greatest things in the world.

They're stressful, scary, and often lead to you pulling all-nighters surrounded by notes, half drank naggins, and an encompassing sense of impending doom.

It's for that reason that we can 100 percent empathise with anybody who would rather not take one.

... And even more so with anybody who takes it upon themselves to be extremely innovative in tying to get out of one.

That's why when somebody in the sociology and criminology department in the University of Manitoba did just that, we weren't at all surprised.

And considering the lengths that they went to, we were fairly impressed too.

This is a story in three parts, as told by sociology and criminology student, Aleli.

Aleli took to Twitter to share some screenshots of an email she received from someone who appeared to be her professor, Andrew, saying that the class's exam would be cancelled due to a "family emergency."

Except it wasn't Andrew sending that email at all - it was another student.


Aleli then shared the follow-up email from the "real Andrew" confirming that the test would, in fact, be happening and that anyone who impersonated a member of staff would receive a "very strong response" from the faculty.

Real Andrew then took it upon himself to send another email, just in case there was still some confusion about the exam.

He is determined to make sure this test happens, in fairness to him.

Aleli's tweet received over 31,000 retweets and almost 90k favourites so it's clear that people enjoyed this botched attempt to cancel an exam as much as we did.

At the end of the day though, it's all fun and games until that elusive 'Sent from iPhone' ends up getting you thrown out of college.

We can only hope that the student in question managed to avoid being caught... and that they didn't have to take that test.