This is what your most used emoji says about you 4 years ago

This is what your most used emoji says about you

Emojis are vital in the year of our Lord 2019.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Well, an emoji can fill the gaps where words simply won't surface. Similar to a Sylvia Plath poem, the use of emojis are beautifully poetic and substantially idiotic.


Here's what your most used emoji says about you.

Cry Laugh Emoji



You're a simpleton. People provide you with laughter, which you very rarely reciprocate. It's not that you're an arsehole, it's just that, by your own admission, you're not very funny. You've a good sense of humour and appreciate a relatable meme.


Heart Eyes



You're a basic soul. It doesn't take much to impress you. You like nothing more than a few cheeky drinks with the girls at the weekend, followed by half a bag of chips because you're trying to be good. A large portion of your income is spent on ASOS and extra Candy Crush lives.


Praise The Lord



Where words fail, emojis speak. You're a loyal and supportive friend that always tries to see the best in a bad situation. You're very easy going and often put the needs of others before yourself. Beyoncé is your idol and you knew Jay Z was cheating on her since the elevator incident when Solange bet the shite out of him.




Christ you're annoying. You're a bit of a pain in the arse and very stuck in your ways. If the girls' WhatsApp group is trying to plan something, you're always straight in there trying to orchestrate a downfall which ultimately results in your preferred activity taking place. Not everyone likes the zoo, Linda.



Smiling Poop


Call the Gardaí, we've got a messer on our hands here. Every day is an opportunity for you to act the divil, be it online or in the real world, you're always up to no good. To date, you've tweeted "Ride me" to Ryan Gosling roughly 45,000 times. Friends turn to you for spontaneity and a large quantity of illegally imported vodka.


Dancing Lady


Lady Muck, so honoured to have you reading my work. You live the high life and enjoy the finer things that the world has to offer. Brunch is a mandatory weekend activity, along with bottomless Prosecco and a cheeky macaron on the way home. You've never rinsed a milk carton and you look down on TK Maxx.


Side Eyes


You're unashamedly a Sarcastic Sally. Friends are awfully fond of your mischievous ways, often looking to you for comedic reassurance in their hour of need. You're brutally honest and never hold back your true feelings on anything. You've no issue whatsoever in telling someone that their arse is the size of the Titanic in that dress.


Sad Eyes


You're quite famous, having starred in the Harry Potter franchiseplaying the role of Moaning Myrtle. Life is a burden to you and you make sure that those around you are fully aware of it. Everything is hassle and you will never truly be happy. You've never experienced joy and you enjoyed bawling your lamps out at the end of Marley & Me.


Blowing Kiss


Will you stop flirting for five minutes PLEASE? If the world's problems could be solved by suggestive emojis, you would've been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize by now. You'll flirt with anyone, although this isn't without its risks. A recent run of the mill text exchange between yourself and a driving instructor took a very awkward turn not too long ago, due to the slip of a finger.


Prayer Hands


You're a superstitious soul, always praying for the best but fearing the worst. Every text you've ever sent has ended with 'Please God'. A worrier at heart, you find it hard to relax and live your life. You're not particularly religious, but seek comfort in knowing that you've inadvertently devoted your life to trying to best Christ. Amen.


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