Two Drogheda nightclubs are embroiled in a (hilarious) war 7 years ago

Two Drogheda nightclubs are embroiled in a (hilarious) war

Who knew Drogheda was such a hub for nightlife?

Summer is a coming which means plenty of us revellers will be looking for the newest (perhaps cheapest) club or pub to hit up with our mates.


There's often a fierce rivalry between pubs and clubs - the management of which will do everything in their power to attract the punters and become THE hotspot to go to.

Apparently if that involves having a bit of a dig at the opposition, then so be it.

Last week, one of the nightclubs in Drogheda, Earth, released a promo video to unveil the launch of 4Play Thursdays, where students can avail of €4 entry fee and all drinks for the same price.

The video was borderline ridiculous, with a load of arses and boobs on show, all sorts - you'd swear it was the newest club in Ibiza and hardly Drogheda.



Give me strength.

Luckily, the people over at Fusion nightclub responded with a slightly more realistic video of a night in Drogheda.


They were promoting their own Thursday night event, Student Summer Thursdays, and it’s hard to believe that the similarities between both videos were coincidental.

Maybe we should check them out ourselves?

Who's with us?


Kudos to our bros at JOE for spotting this one.

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