We've found it - the worst piece of home decor in the entire world 4 years ago

We've found it - the worst piece of home decor in the entire world

Feast your eyes on this monstrosity.

Looks lads, we know, buying a bit of home decor is lots of fun.


You get to rock up to your local home and decor shop, browse some pretty fairy lights and purchase a load of canvas print sets that about 20,000 other homes in the area are also going to have.

See, lots of fun.

And while most pieces of home decor are generally grand and non-offensive, there are those that you'd almost like to buy just so you could set them alight afterwards.

This is one of those pieces.



In case you, for some reason, cannot see the atrocity that is the above image, it's a framed image of the word 'Facebook' featuring the following:

F - family and friends

A - attitude


C - communication

E - exciting

B - behave

O - oops


O - opportunity

K - keep in touch

What does this mean? Who created it? What does it want from us?

The answer to the above questions we may never know. But what we do know is that people are really angry about this framed picture which you can purchase for the reasonable price of £6.99.

One person even created their own version of the frame, writing:


F - Facts don't matter here

A - Spelling matters even less

C - Candy Crush requests

E - Elderly people getting taken in by hoaxes

B - Brexit wankers

O - Oh look it's Lee Rigby

O - Out of date shares about lost dogs who are surely dead by now

K - Kill me

How contrary of them.