6 things bound to happen in the new Netflix Beyoncé documentary 2 years ago

6 things bound to happen in the new Netflix Beyoncé documentary

April 17.

It's coming. It's happening.


The Beyoncé documentary that we've been gasping for since the beginning of time is finally on its way - and it'll be on Netflix.

The trailer for Homecoming dropped this week, and while it gave a brief insight into what to expect from the musical event of the year, there are still plenty of questions left unanswered, stones left unturned, and formations left unformed.

And then there are the things we absolutely know will happen at some point or another during the film.

This is them.

1. Someone will cry. And it will be us

C'mon, we've been waiting for this for years, lads. It wouldn't be right if a few tears weren't shed.


We'll cry when Beyoncé is chilling out with her family ahead of Coachella. We'll cry when Beyoncé is preparing for her performance at Coachella. We'll cry when Beyoncé is performing at Coachella.

And we'll cry when it's over.

And then we'll watch it again.

2. Another person who will cry will be Beyoncé herself 

It's an emotional time, guys.


Not only is Beyoncé one of the most important (if not the most important) artists on the planet, she's also took it upon herself to produce an event that epitomises black expression through music, visuals, and dance.

She's also got to perform it live in front of thousands of people knowing full well that the audience is expecting something special - and that she is more than capable of giving it to them.

Having had to cancel her performance at the festival prior due to pregnancy, this has been a long time in the making for Bey.

An emotional long time.


3. Several cameos by random assorted artists and celebs

You think Rihanna, Kanye, and Obama himself won't show up at some point to talk about how much of a queen Beyoncé is?



4. Rumi and Sir will make a surprise appearance 

"Oh my god, they've gotten so big?!"

Beyoncé ain't one to showcase her kids all over social media.

The result of this means that us, active members of the Beyhive, have seen very little photos of twins Rumi and Sir since their entry into this world.

And that's fair enough, like. They're only toddlers, what are they going to be up to plastered all over the Gram every other day?

Irrespective of this, it's fairly likely that the twins will make an appearance in Homecoming. Or rather, the trailer has already proved that they will.

Get excited.


5. Blue Ivy will steal the show, entirely 

Or, at least as much as anybody can when you're up against Beyoncé.

The trailer for Homecoming shows Blue sitting right at the front of the stage as Bey and her dancers practice their choreography.

To make matters even more painfully cute and adorable, she's even whipping her hair in sync with the moves being thrown down in front of her.

More of these iconic scenes to be expected.

6. History will be made 

No explanation needed.

You can check out the full trailer for Homecoming here: