Adele Accused of ‘Stealing’ Iconic Turkish Song for New Album 6 years ago

Adele Accused of ‘Stealing’ Iconic Turkish Song for New Album

Turkish music lovers are raging with Adele, claiming that the British super-star has ripped off an iconic Turkish song for her new album.

The song, Acılara Tutunmak, translates as Clinging on To Pain and, in fairness, resembles the sentiment that would likely be found on an Adele album.


The French Associated Press report that the release of Adele’s new album in Turkey caused a social media storm. Users accused the singer of stealing the melodramatic tune from artist Kaya who died in exile in France 15 years ago.

“Adele has stolen a song from us," wrote one user, sharing a picture of a Turkish flag.


However, Kaya’s wife, Gulten Kaya is dubious that the global superstar would do such a thing. "However, if she consciously did it, then it would be theft," she told Turkish daily Posta.

While both songs reference bird metaphors, the similarities in the lyrics end there. Check out the below video the hear the comparison. We know who we'd rather listen to. Just saying.