Ranked: Ireland's top 10 Eurovision entires of all time 2 years ago

Ranked: Ireland's top 10 Eurovision entires of all time


The Eurovision has been cancelled, but meticulously examining Ireland's past entries has not been.


The iconic competition was due to take place tonight, May 16, and although Covid-19 has rendered that impossible, we can still have our fun and get super nostalgic to mark the occasion, right?

So, join us on a wild ride of officially ranking Ireland's best Eurovision Song Contest entries to date.

There's been a lot of them. And there may be some surprises too.

10. 'Only Love Survives' - Ryan Dolan 


I know, alright. This song came last. Dead last. It got five points. I'm aware of this. But it's a BANGER.

Ryan Dolan gave the bodhrán a new lease of life (yes, he did) back in 2013 with this absolute powerhouse of a performance.

It's a great song, he's a great vocalist, and we were robbed. That's it.


9. 'Together' - Ryan O Shaughnessy 

An LGBT banger, you say? Ryan O'Shaughnessy did that in 2018 when he rocked up to Lisbon with a song about love, and a video of two men dancing around Dublin.

It was truly gorgeous, and he did us all proud by coming a very respectable 16th in the final competition.


8. 'What's Another Year?' - Johnny Logan 

Logan's first of two Eurovision wins (three if you count the song he wrote for Linda Martin), 'What's Another Year' put Ireland on the song competition map back in 1980.

"Who is this handsome man singing an achingly upsetting love song that is also a serious banger?" people around Europe asked, back in the '8os.

Little did they know it was Johnny. And he was just getting started.



7. 'Why Me?' - Linda Martin 

Linda may be asking the same question concerning her ranking on this list, but listen, seventh is grand.

You may have won in 1992 Linda, but in this competition you have unfortunately been outranked by a few superior tracks (including your own).

It's not personal.

6. 'When?' - Red Hurley

Cast your mind back to 1976.

The country was in a mad recession. Divorce was illegal. Red Hurley was tearing up the stage in The Hague as he belted out Ireland's track of choice, 'When?'

The song finished 10th that year, which was really quite shocking considering there weren't that many countries actually in the competition at that stage. Sure look, he's getting his dues now.

5. 'Terminal 3' - Linda Martin 

The Linda Martin track we deserve.

Written by none other than Johnny Logan, 'Terminal 3' burst onto the Eurovision scene in 1984 and ended up very nearly winning the entire competition. It came second, which is not only testament to Linda's stunning performance, but also the simple fact that it is, indeed, a class song.

And better than 'Why Me?'. Sorry.

4. 'In Your Eyes' - Niamh Kavanagh 

Crying? Yeah, you better be because Niamh Kavanagh's on the stage in Cork in 1993 singing about being in love and how it's making her a better person.

This year, Ireland experienced its fifth Eurovision win, and second of a three-song streak that would solidify us as the Eurovision record breakers that we are.

A deserved win, and a true anthem.

3. 'We've Got The World' - Mickey Joe Harte


Micky Joe shook up Ireland's Eurovision story in ways that were desperately needed in 2003. The first winner of You're A Star, the Donegal native landed down to the competition in Riga with a song that blew everyone away.

Well, it blew enough people away and we finished 11th that year. Fair play, Mickey. You done us proud.

2. 'Lipstick' - Jedward

No shade but Jedward are, without doubt, one of the best entries that we have ever (EVER) sent to the Eurovision.

The hype around this song was palpable, it was intense, it was the first time in years that we had a chance of finishing anywhere notable in the competition, and the lads managed to bag us an entirely respectable eighth when they entered the contest for the first time in 2011.

Should've won, but what are you gonna do?

1. 'Hold Me Now' - Johnny Logan 

An obvious choice here, but c'mon, Logan was always going to win it.

A belter of a song and an emotive masterpiece, 'Hold Me Now' is the anthem that Ireland needed in 1987.

Logan's second time winning the competition after his equally successful 'What's Another Year' in 1980, this track was always going to nab the number one spot.

Sing it now. G'wan.